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The biggest journey you will ever take is the one from your head, to your heart..

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Image by Daiga Ellaby
Image by Stefano Pollio

Meditation Classes

Come join us for a weekly 60 min Meditation Mondays class to bio-hack the daily 9 to 5 grind.
Control your mind, control your life by starting your week in a headspace         of zen. 

Go on, you deserve it!

Spiritual Coaching Session

Relinquish self limiting beliefs by not only working through but also overcoming layers of subconscious patterning behaviour that has held you back from conquering your dreams with ground breaking results.
Through the tools of self awareness, energy healing, NLP & EH, align your soul to your path so that the road which is intended for your highest may be traveled upon with ease and grace.

Shadow Workshop

Feeling stuck? Hopeless, even?
Ever wondered why the same patterns keep reoccurring in your life?

Why you keep attracting the same kind of people over & over again?
Come & join us for this fully immersive Shadow workshop where you will take home practical tools that will allow you integrate awareness & healing in your day-to-day, gifting you the power to your own inner freedom.